Apple iWatch Glass Hologram is an Overpowered Smartwatch (Video)

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How about a concept that combines a bit of the iWatch with a bit of the Google Glass? Mesut G Designs has come up with the apple iWatch Glass Hologram, that’s shown in action in the video below.

Apple iWatch Glass hologram 1

The device has a glass piece for the “belt” and a plastic one for the main body. This is like a fashion bracelet, with a headset/charging port at the bottom, a nano SIM card slot on the side and an 8 megapixel camera as well as a projector at the top. We’ve got a special Hologram space and the UI is sort of like an iOS 7 lite of sorts.

You can use the iWatch Glass like a regular watch, but one that projects big diagonal images on the wall, websites, YouTube and more. This would take a lot of processing power and a huge battery… What do you think of this iWatch concept?

Apple iWatch Glass hologram 2

Apple iWatch Glass hologram 3


[via Mesut G Designs]

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