Sony Xperia Z3 Gets Rendered With 6 Inch 4K Display

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We’ve just received via email a fresh render of the Sony Xperia Z3, in a version with a 6 inch UHD display, a very blocky design, I might add. The device packs 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM, so it’s a beefy monster.

sony xperia z3

The general design of the Xperias has been slightly enhanced here and the edges are more highlighted now and give out more elegance than before. I sure hope that the materials have changed this time. Hopefully it’s not glass or plastic, but something entirely new, maybe plain old metal. Anyway, the camera placement isn’t far from the previous Xperias, while the front seems very uniform and has very slim bezels.

sony xperia z3 2

The Sony Xperia Z3 concept sent to us by Erica Yusim also comes with a 24 megapixel main camera at the back and a front 8 megapixel shooter as well. It does stereo via speakers placed upfront and inside it has a 4000 mAh battery. The handset measures 5.99 mm in thickness and relies on two nano SIM slots, plus a microSD.

The UI doesn’t seem too different from what we know already…

[via Erica Yusim]

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  • XXX

    Seemed to be interesting, but Sony always put something in their phones for somebody to comment. Lets say the sound quality. My Z Ultra the sound from its loud speaker is stereo but very low. Some video playback cannot even be heard even inside the room. Very poor compared to Samsung and HTC….. Nice build but again the bezel (up and down the phone) were too prominent. Why is it that Samsung and HTC can produce a phone with very less bezels while Sony which is the the most pioneer in the industry cannot do? Blogs told that that it might be because of the thickness of ZUltra why the sound is of very low volume. But see the again in Z2 which is thicker, the sound is just a little bit louder than the ZUltra with very less bass? Compare it with S4, S5 and HTC One M8 how powefull is the loud speaker. Another thing is that Sony is also pioneer in photography but why the images from the phone camera cannot even compared to Oppo? Washed and green becomes whity like old images stored in the vault taken during the 70′s. I think its because of what they called WHITE MAGIC. Greens and reds are washed and whity. Actually Samsung’s images are far better. I have Samsung and i noticed that color reproduction is far better. 443ppi and 2.2mp front camera? HTC 1 M8 has around 600ppi and 5mp front camera. So what can you say?

  • XXX

    See the bezel up and down. When manufactured it will be tripppled.

  • XXX

    You know guys, if sony wants to do something that would reduce the bezel is that to follow samsung does on their mobile phones. The capacitive touchscreen buttons are in the bezel itself. For loud speaker, how can u convince anybody if e.g. S4 is only a bit thicker than Z Ultra but the sound is too powerful compared to the Ultra. Its just a matter of technical know how from their engineers…..Again, if their phones really passed the so called QA/QC, then why is it that sound produced when viewing youtube videos, some sound is just enough but mostly cann’t even be comprehend coz its sound is too low and it lacks low and midrange frequency sounds. Its really annoying….. The thing is some people including Sony keep on defending and shielding themselves againts these comments and blogs, but at the end Sony is the looser in the market as more buyers are inclined to buy phones that satisfy their fantacies. Can’t they feel that?. The images and videos produced by the sony mobile cameras are also poor. Colors seemed to be whity and washed out? What is the problem? Sony is pioneer in the industry but i cant understand why. White magic¿?¿???????? If you compare to samsung, greens are really very green and reds are very red. And that is the fact and not a fiction. In Oman itself, rarely you can find people using sony products and that is a fact and not a fiction. Accessories itself is rarely seen from vendors. They will answer you “FOR SONY WE DONT HAVE”… Very annoying.

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  • crenoy

    XXX>>> who cares about sammy… i think ever since in your life is never owned a sony xperia…i just doubt on stop trolling the page…

  • Rahul