Apple iPro Computer Has a Bit of Lenovo Yoga in It

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Created by designer Kurt Merki Jr., the Apple iPro computer is a very nice looking concept that looks just like a Lenovo Yoga Tablet, with that circular tube at the bottom. It’s supposed to be a combo between a Mac Pro and an iMac, apparently.

iPro PC concept 1

This model packs a Retina Cinema Display and offers a balance between performance and design. The concept Apple computer features a glass OLED display with unibody design and relies on a flexible architecture. The unibody takes the shape of a tube and components can be lined up inside in order to fit the user’s needs.

iPro PC concept 2

Apple iPro features a 35 inch Retina Cinema Display, with a resolution of 3382 x 1964 pixels. The device comes with front facing stereo speakers, 10 of them actually and dual microphones too. This model has a 20 degree tilt function and comes in 3 colors: gold, black and silver. There are actually two Mac Pros worth of hardware inside and the two computers are cooled down separately with a fan on either sides of the tube.

The iPro concept measures 150 mm in thickness and comes with SD card slots, USB 3.0 ports and a HD camera. How about this monster of a computer?

iPro PC concept 3

iPro PC concept 4

iPro PC concept 5

iPro PC concept 6

iPro PC concept 7

[via Yanko Design]

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