Triptih Phone is a Triple Fold Device That Shames a Laptop

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Created by Ivan Zivanovic from Serbia, the Triptih phone is certainly unique, being a triple fold unit, that’s shown below. It totally replaces a tablet and a laptop and has that Communicator vibe that Nokia lost many years ago.

triptih concept phone 1

I’d see LG making this phone, or at least I remember a concept that was similar to Triptih and had the LG branding. As you can see we’ve got a main screen, than a secondary one a keyboard area in the first setup above. We’ve also got a pixelated cool branding of the device on the back and size-wise, this feels a bit like a 6+ inch device.

triptih concept phone 2

When you want to close up shop and take the Triptih for a … trip, well you have to fold the keyboard area, pack it above the secondary screen and then on top of the main one. The concept phone will then close like a Nintendo DS of sorts , with the keyboard on top and that area seems to be transparent, which is very cool.

How’s this for an original concept?

triptih concept phone 3

triptih concept phone 4

triptih concept phone 5

triptih concept phone 6

[via Behance]

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