Enhancing Your iPhone’s Functionality: Third-Party Apps You Should Try

The iPhone’s capabilities are quite extensive, but there is still room for improvement. If you’re not willing to wait a year for Apple to add the feature you need to the firmware, just use iOS apps. Tens of thousands of third-party apps for iPhone cover almost all possible questions and requirements of users. We have prepared a list of the most essential third-party applications that are useful to install on your iPhone.

#1 1Password

To effectively manage our passwords, the most reliable third-party application available is 1Password. With secure passwords that you no longer have to remember, along with the auto-fill function in iOS 12, 1Password offers a nearly perfect password management solution. In addition, the app enhances security and usability by incorporating Face ID authentication, a combination of achievements that is rarely achieved simultaneously. Accessing Face ID authentication expands the app’s security features and simplifies its usage, making it even more convenient for users.

#2 Gmail

The email app by Google is an exceptional tool for communication. Similar to the impressive Microsoft Outlook, it allows you to access mail accounts from various providers like Hotmail and Yahoo using IMAP. Although Gmail lacks the same calendar integration found in Outlook for iPhone, it offers a smoother and faster experience than the default Apple Mail app. Not only that, but it also provides a helpful five-second undo feature for sent messages.

#3 Call Recorder for iPhone

The application does exactly what the name says – record phone calls. You need a Call Recorder for an iPhone to save call recordings as there is no such built-in feature. You can download our iOS App from the app store. From the moment of installation to the start of recording calls on the iPhone, it will take 20-30 seconds. You only need to go to the application and activate the recording, in the future, it will take a matter of seconds.

#4 Duolingo

Learning a new language can benefit people worldwide. This unique concept is exemplified by the Duolingo language learning app, which stands out among its free counterparts. Notably, a recent update allows you to access lessons offline, enabling uninterrupted learning, even without an internet connection.

#5 AllTrails

Adventurers seeking running, hiking, and biking trails can rely on AllTrails. This user-friendly guide provides comprehensive information on over 100,000 trails worldwide. Users can access details on difficulty level, elevation, and length. Moreover, trail pictures, comments, and reviews can be shared among the app community. It even indicates if trails are dog or kid-friendly.

#6 Spotify

Experience and indulge in a vast selection of Earth’s music at your fingertips. Access podcasts and high-quality music seamlessly. Effortlessly switch between devices while enjoying your favorite tunes. Enjoy a free listening experience with ads or opt for ad-free listening and other premium features, including 320Kbps high-quality audio, for just $9.99 per month.

#7 Tunity

You often find yourself struggling to watch TV due to muted sound or disruptive background noise, right? Well, Tunity comes to the rescue! With this app, all you need to do is scan the TV screen, and voila! It streams the TV audio directly to your device, enabling you to listen using headphones. Redditor mike-mag suggests that it’s particularly useful in noisy, crowded bars. Instead of engaging in pointless conversations, you can focus on watching the game.

#8 Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone, our top choice among advanced language-learning programs, provides a mobile app that replicates the online lessons. When you sign in to the mobile app, you can easily continue your learning from where you last stopped. Its user-friendly interface simplifies navigation and helps you practice while on the go. Although it is pricey, it remains the optimal method for language acquisition.

#9 Cameo

Cameo offers a unique opportunity to have famous personalities, both big and small, create personalized video messages for you. Whether you’re getting married and want an actor to congratulate you or need a musician to give a student a pep talks before a big exam, Cameo is a much cooler alternative to waiting in line for an autograph.

#10 Libby

Libby functions essentially as an e-library. You can access and borrow your library’s collection of ebooks and audiobooks for free, as long as you have a library card. The app allows you to link your library card and browse your local library’s collection. If you want to read a book, simply download it. All your loans are automatically returned on their due dates, without any late fees. Libby eliminates the need to physically visit the library, making it perfect for conditions similar to a global pandemic.


If you want to expand the functionality of your iPhone, you will have to use third-party apps. These include apps from big companies like Spotify, as well as less common apps for managing your passwords.

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