Futuristic iPhone S Concept Coming July 2020

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Yes, you’ve read it right, July 2020! Ceriel Verschoor proposes a very interesting design, a futuristic iPhone from the year 2020, dubbed the iPhone S. This device was created as part of a study for the designer’s education and we learn that the handset uses a glass unibody, making the concept look great.


iPhone S also comes with Apple A.I. with voice recognition, 4 terabytes for local caching, a full OS with mobile user mode, 8th generation gaming capabilities (2011 consoles) and wireless charging. It also uses a sensory data filter to streamline object information and it manages to integrate the front and back cameras into the display, as well as fingerprint authentication.

Gesture and touch input are also included among the features of this futuristic phone, as is 5th generation data network technology, a transparent 3D color display and color E-Ink core. This sure sounds like sci-fi stuff, but how would have the iPhone sounded to you back in the year 2000?

[via cerielverschoor.nl]