Futuristic iPhone Seems Made of Curved Glass

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Designer Mister Cool has created a futuristic iPhone concept, one that seems made of glass and also very curved. Transparency is also an element of this render. I’d see this made only as a prototype and in about 5 or 6 years from now, but only as a vanity project.

futuristic iPhone concept

Apple has been more timid in its approach to curved glass so far, well unless you count their new HQ, that goes crazy with the curved glass. Anyway, next year they’ll opt for OLED screens on their iPhone and this may also lead to using curved display panels. The question is who’s going to source panels like those? Samsung? LG? Maybe Sharp under Foxconn’s rule?

Now as far as this concept goes, it doesn’t seem to have a metal frame, but rather seems to be all glass. That would make it slippery, fragile, not to mention the transparency thing is useless and just a gimmick. Still, it looks pretty cool and would rock as a collector’s piece.

[via Behance]

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