So the iPhone 7 Could Bring This USELESS Accessory…

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Well, here we are again with a big company removing an otherwise normal feature and people having to buy accessories to keep compatibility. I’m not saying I’m against this move, but adapters have never been something I fancy. In the age of wireless, one more wired accessory is just… yuck.


So, turns out that this source found an Lighting to 3.5 mm jack converter up for sale here for the iPhone 7. As you know that handset is rumored to give up on the audio jack and may opt for Bluetooth and Lightning to send the audio signal to headphones. Since people already have wired headphones, some of them high end and costing hundreds of dollars, they may want to pair them with the iPhone 7.

audio jack to Lightning adapter

This is where the accessory comes in, but does it have to be so big? In pure Apple fashion, it may as well include a special processor or other components, like the HDMI adapter. And then we get the render below, coming from The Verge and while it’s more compact, it’s something horribly wrong to have dangling at the end of your stylish iPhone 7.

I mean come on people. Wireless… please!

[via Steve Hemmerstoffer and The Verge]

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