Next Generation iPhone Concept Projects Its Interface on Your Palm

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Designer Samuel Lee Kwon created an interesting iPhone concept, meant to be worn around the wrist and project a virtual display in the user’s palm. It’s all shown in the images below and as you can see, the device does sport a tiny touchscreen, displaying the vital stuff (missed calls, emails, iPod function).

Believe it or not, there’s also a camera in there, plus a Home button and a receiver. A pulse sensor and SIM card tray are embedded into the back side of this let’s say “iPhone watch”. There’s one thing that bothers us: why project the screen on such an irregular surface like the palm of your hand and not on a wall or table?

[via Yanko Design]

  • samuel lee kwon

    thank you for the feed back

  • Durka

    What a terrible concept. How this made it onto MacTalk is beyond me. Firstly, the image will be bumpy as all hell projected onto a hand. Second, in full daylight, this would be barely viewable. Third, the design of the alternate round and sharp corners is pointless and probably uncomfortable to wear. Fourth, you lose a hand. If you’re sitting at a coffee shop and you want to use a hand to grab the cup, while using the other hand to punch in stuff on the screen, you can’t… you’re short a hand. Fifth, there’s no way the projected image could work on that steep of an angle (from the wrist along the palm). Sorry, but I don’t even know why you wasted your time uploading this concept. It’s a dead duck.

  • Ethnick

    I think wristphone concepts are way cool, but watching somebody try to use this, poking one hand with the other (you couldn’t use the hand being projected on to push buttons, since it would screw up the projection) holding their wrist up to their ear, pointing the FRONT of their wrist to take a picture? Sorry, it would be too ridiculous. But still probably better than the iPhone 4.