Wish They Were Phones (WTWP) Episode VIII: Savant Multifunctional Touch Remote Incorporates an iPod Touch

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One of our favorite segments is back, the “Wish They Were Phones” (WTWP), this time with one of Savant’s creations. This prototype is dubbed the Touch Remote and it’s a do-it-all kind of gadget, that embeds a fourth-gen iPod touch and the usual Savant iPad home control and automation functions.

This means that using this piece of gadgetry you’ll control the temperature inside your house, lighting, security, home cinema, stove and whatnot. Also, this is not quite far from a smartphone, since it does VoIP and FaceTime video calling. If this becomes a real gadget, it’ll be a must, specially for iPod touch owners who want to turn their media player into something else.

[via Engadget]