How to Fix iPhone 12 Keeps Restarting

Why does my iPhone 12 keep restarting? We continue to hear about this issue faced by many iPhone 12 users. While the reasons analysis and solutions below are mainly aimed at iPhone 12 users, the same applies to other iPhone users like iPhone 8, iPhone 12 Pro Max or more. 

Reasons why does my iPhone 12 keep freezing and restarting

Before solving iPhone keeps freezing or restarting problem, we need to figure out why this happens. The specific reasons are mainly divided into the following four reasons.

1. Interrupted iOS update: During an iOS update, iPhone keeps restarting may happens when iOS update is interrupted for some reason such as a failed network connection.

2. Malware: Although the iOS system is very secure, most malware cannot enter in Apple App Store, but it is inevitable that there may be some malware. Also, using unknown public Wi-Fi can also make your iPhone more vulnerable to attack.

3. Insufficient storage space: Insufficient iPhone storage space is another cause of device boot loops. This situation is more likely to occur for users whose iPhone storage space is small.

4. Damaged hardware: Damaged hardware will also cause the iPhone keeps restarting. For example, iPhone is dropped, water damaged, old battery or more. Meanwhile if the charging cable is damaged, your iPhone may keep restarting during charging. 

After understanding the reasons why does iPhone 12 keep restarting, here are 5 solutions you can try to fix it accordingly:

Fix 1. Force restart your iPhone

If your iPhone 12 keeps restarting and you can’t shut it down gracefully, you may need to force restart it, this process doesn’t wipe any data. Force restarting your iPhone requires you to press the volume up button first, then quickly press the volume down button. At last, press the power button until Apple logo occurs.

Fix 2. Remove the SIM card

Considering sometimes a damaged SIM card or a connection issue with iPhone can also cause iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 pro max keeps restarting, you can try to remove the SIM card to see if it works.

Fix 3. Find and remove problematic apps

You can check for app crashes in Analytics Data, find out the app with unusual data and uninstall it. Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Analytics & Improvements -> Analytics Data.

Fix 4. Joyoshare UltFix

It is considered that Joyoshare UltFix iOS System Recovery is one of the best iOS system repair tools to fix iPhone 12 keeps restarting issue. It is a safe program that you can free download on Windows/Mac from the it’s official website. This software help you get rid of at least 150 possible iOS system issues without losing any data loss, it is fully compatible with all iOS system, even the latest one iOS 16. it deserved you have a try if you want to fix your iPhone iOS system issue easily. The main powerful features of Joyoshare UltFix are as follows.

1. Fix at least 150 iOS issues for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch without data loss

Joyoshare UltFix can help you fix your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch quickly without data loss, such as iPhone stuck in black screen, white lines on iPhone screen, iPhone update failure or more issues

2. Two repair modes.

Under Standard mode, you can fix common iOS issues without data loss, like iPhone keep restarting, iPhone stuck on white screen, or jammed in the white Apple logo, etc. Under Advanced mode. Under Advanced Mode, you can fix particularly serious issues, like you forgotten iPhone passcodes, iPhone is disabled, it will make your iPhone back into factory settings.

3. Offer one-click enter or exit Recovery mode option

Joyoshare UltFix allows registered and unregistered iOS users to put iPhone/iPad/iPod touch into recovery mode for free with just a click. Get out of recovery mode is also very simple when your iPhone gets stuck. 

Below are the steps of how to fix iPhone 12 keeps restarting issue with Joyoshare UltFix

Step 1: Put your iPhone 12 connected with PC, download and run Joyoshare UltFix on Windows or Mac. Click the Start button to proceed.


Step 2: Next, select the Standard Mode mode, click Next button to proceed.


Step 3: Follow the instructions showed on the window to put your iPhone into DFU or recovery mode.

Step 4: Click Download button to download the relative firmware package. 


Step 5: Click the Repair button fix your iPhone.


Fix 5. Restore your iPhone

Open iTunes and connect your iPhone to PC. Click iPhone icon button after you enter into the interface of iTunes, then tap on Summary button. Click the Restore iPhone to make your iPhone come back to the factory settings. Click the Restore Backup button if you backup your iPhone before. 

It’s normal to be annoyed when your iPhone keeps restarting. But it is a relatively common problem for iPhone users, you don’t need to worry too much. Hopefully after reading this post, you have solved the problem or know exactly how to take steps to fix it. If you prefer the most convenient solution, Joyoshare UltFix is​a good choice, even if you are a technical novice, you can easily solve this problem without any data loss.

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