iPad 6 Render is Transparent, Features 3D Camera

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All of the features associated with this iPad 6 renders are speculations and predictions. All we know is that Deviantart member geek3dfr imagined the way the 2014 iPad may look like. Apparently, it will be a transparent slab of glass…

ipad 6 concept

It will also incorporate a front 3D FaceTime HD camera, if I’m not mistaking here. The apps shown on screen look kind of old fashioned, but considering the way iOS is evolving these days, nothing surprises me anymore. The upper and lower side feature a metallic slab that incorporate the front camera and Home button and I guess that since the device is transparent, the components are minuscule and integrated into the non transparent areas.

The iPad is already a pretty solid device, so why make it fragile all of sudden by using glass for its body? It would look cool, but it would be more vulnerable than your aunt’s porcelain during a trucker rally nearby. What do you make of this iPad concept?

[via Deviantart]

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