What if… the iPad Mini 2 Was Available in Two Versions? iPad Mini C and Mini S Rendered!

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Martin Hajek is one of the serious designers, who delivers concepts so close to reality that he never goes wrong with them. He rendered the iPad Mini and BlackBerry Z10 perfectly ahead of their launch and now he’s back with a few iPad Mini 2 renders, but with a twist…


The designer imagined two versions of the new iPad Mini: an iPad Mini C and iPad Mini S. Just like the in the case of the iPhone 5s and 5c, the S unit is a flagship with a Retina display still at 7.9 inches and a gold case, among other flavours. Meanwhile, the iPad Mini C is a cheaper slate with a colored plasticky case and a lower price.

The overall design of the tablet remains the same as the one of the iPad Mini, of course except for the Touch ID sensor implementation on the iPad Mini S and the polycarbonate shell of the Mini C. Apple has been known to surprise users and analysts with such announcements, so will they deliver? Also what resolution will the iPad Mini C adopt?

[via Martin Hajek]

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