iPhone 15 Receives Concept Renderings, That Reveal Dynamic Island Design

After seeing a very good looking iPhone 15 Ultra concept, today we are treated to the basic model in the range. The series will include 4 models, the iPhone 15, the iPhone 15 Plus, 15 Pro and a iPhone 15 Pro Max or Ultra. Let’s see the iPhone 15.

While the Dynamic Island cut was reserved for the Pro models last year, this year we’ll get it on the non Pro units too. The design of the iPhone 15 is largely unchanged from the iPhone 14 and 13 and you can see its dual camera module with a diagonal setup of the lenses. The flame stays flat and bezels a bit too big. There’s still an aluminum middle frame , but the novelty is the Dynamic Island instead of the notch.

It lets you see bits of apps, like a timer or maps navigation and also interact with other apps while using an app. Turns out that the standard iPhone 15 will use the same Apple A16 processor as the iPhone 14 Pro, while the Pro will rely on the brand new 3 nanometer Apple A17 Bionic. The Pro gets a titanium frame, 8 GB of RAM and solid state buttons in the meanwhile, as well as a periscopic telephoto camera lens.

Honestly the iPhone 15 sounds like more of the same and I can’t quite see upgrades from the predecessor, except the Island.

via sparrowsnews

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