Best iPhone 15 Ultra Concept Yet Rendered by Antonio de Rosa

One of the designers we’ve been following here from the get go is definitely Antonio de Rosa. He has created some stunning iPhone concepts and now he’s back with a brand new one for the most awaited flagship of the year: Apple iPhone 15 Ultra.

It may end up being called the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but considering the quantity of innovation here, we could end up with an Ultra. This naming pattern could be taken from the Apple Watch Ultra, together with a more rugged body, an increased battery life and finally a periscope telephoto camera on an iPhone.

De Rosa told the guys of Cult of Mac that the role of a concept designer is not just to report all the rumors and turn them into something visual. The resulting device shown here is thinner and measures 0.29 inches compared to the width of 0.31 inches for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

There’s a periscope lens that folds inside the phone’s body and bounces light from the lens off of prisms to the image sensor. The periscope lens will be folded sideways inside the handset’s body and the use of prisms will allow the focal length to be extended even on a slimmer phone. This way the device can deliver 5X to 10X optical zoom.

The device edges and that feels weird coming from a few flat edge iPhones. There’s also the rumor about at titanium build and solid state buttons. The designer included so called Butterfly Buttons in his video (taptic engines in lieu of real buttons). The Dynamic Island will appear on all 4 iPhone 15 models this year.

Inside we’ll have an Apple A17 Bionic 3 nm processor, which is another premiere.

via ADR Studio

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