iPhone 5 to Use Aluminum Back Case, iPad 2-Style Smart Covers?

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Although the iPhone 5 you can see below is a mockup, it seems to fit recent speculations saying that its design won’t be that different from the iPhone 4… That unless you count a 4 inch display and an aluminum back as huge differences. Rumor has it that the new iPhone will use the iPad 2 as inspiration, even getting those cool Smart Covers it has.

There’s already evidence in iOS 4.3 supporting the claim that the iPhone 5 will use the Apple A5 dual core processor for an extra power boost. Also, the latest concepts and designs of the handset have all shown up with an edge to edge display, that would be cool, if it were real. Since many people said that the iPad 1 was a bigger iPhone, will they say that the iPhone 5 is a smaller iPad 2?

[via cultofmac]