iPhone 5X Design Conceptualized With Dual Camera in the Mix

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We’ve seen our share of odd ducks among the iPhones, like the iPhone 6c, 7c and other experiments, but this is a fresh one. We’re dealing with an iPhone 5X here, one rendered by Toucan Design and sporting a dual camera.

Supposed to be a mixture of iPhone 5 and iPhone X, this device has a full screen facade, while the back sports the dual camera. The volume keys are more elongated now, in keeping with the latest design trends. The aluminum case gets a facelift, with rounded edges at the back area. Interestingly, this remains a compact phone, so the iPhone 5X name is spot on.

It’s got a height and weight equal to the one of the iPhone 5, but it’s also 1 mm slimmer. A color coded version of iOS makes it special. I have a feeling that this handset would be very, very hard to manufacture, particularly since working on a panel this small with so many curved areas is tricky. Also, why not get Face ID on it, if we’re at it?

By the way, I’m loving the blue UI, but I’m sure Nokia would feel it’s too similar to their approach. There’s also something that screams “MacBook” about the back side.

[via Behance]

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