iPhone 6 Curved Wraparound Design by T3 is Magic (Video)

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You’re probably aware of the Apple patent that was recently filed for a curved wraparound screen on a future handset, presumably the iPhone 6. Well, T3 took the story and turned into the beautiful concept iPhone shown below, plus the video at the end of the article.


Of course, Apple does have a huge amount of patents, so they may end up not using this one, but why not let our imagination run wild? A recent patent they filed details a wraparound AMOLED screen on a smartphone and a design that looks like the fourth generation iPod Nano. The patent says that the screen can be “unrolled” or “unfolded” thanks to a special hinge-like mechanism.

The documents include facial recognition, gesture control, layering of screens to create 3D effects, all of them very cool sounding technologies. The T3 iPhone 6 concept features a resolution of 1615 x 1800 pixels, a Facetime HD 2 megapixel camera at the front, NFC, lightning connector. In the video you can see gesture controls and virtual buttons on the side, plus a new multitasking system. FIFA sure looks great on the device, as do wraparound panoramas. Will this model ever become real?


[via T3]