iPhone 6 Edge to Edge Render and a Smaller iPhone 6S

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I’ve seen a lot of edge to edge display phones lately and an iPhone with this approach sounds really interesting. John Morrison imagined not only an iPhone 6 with such a screen, but also an iPhone 6S with a smaller diagonal size.

iPhone6 John Morrison 1

The body of the iPhone 6 is also changed a bit and it seems to be fully metallic now and packing a new set of buttons. The handset has a 1080p display and also relies on a new Home button, a square with rounded edges. The new Home button is sensitive to touch and it will glow red when the battery is low. It will also flash when you get a notification.

The camera at the back is still an 8 megapixel affair, but it’s able to do 60 FPS Full HD video. The iPhone 6S is the smaller version of the iPhone 6, as shown below. The diagonal of the main iPhone 6 is 4.8 inches, while the 6S measures 4.2 inches and supports a 840 x 1680 pixel resolution. Finally, the main handset comes with 64 GB of storage, while the smaller one gets 32 GB.

We even have prices here: $849.99 for the iPhone 6 concept and $749.99 for the iPhone 6S.

[via John Morrison]

  • asherpat

    This design is a good example that almost no one understands fully the genius of Ive’s design. First, a disclaimer – I am hardly Apple worshipper, the contrary, I will not be seen dead with this arrogant brand. However, it is undeniable that they have the best design that almost everybody is trying to imitate, consciously and subconsciously.

    One of the elements that make Apple designs so elegant and cool is the symmetry on as many as possible axis, including the position of the screen on the vertical axis. This is something that almost no one understands when trying to copy them, including this design.

    So, technically a nice design and the edge-to-edge is nice (beats me why others and Apple have not yet made it long ago), but the designer doesn’t understand that Apple will NEVER offset the screen on the vertical axis. This point immediately shows that this is not a genuine Apple.

    Why is it so difficult to see?

  • sajjad hussain

    Dear thiz iz very very best phone iPhone 6s

  • Nice fone.


    Tell me when this phone is launched…