Android 5.0 Concept Rendered by Toshe Andonov Makes Your Screen Busy

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We’ve seen an interesting Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie concept before, but here’s another one, with a different approach. This one comes from Toshe Andonov and it’s based on a busier homescreen than before, with Google Now integrated in it, among others.

Android 5 concept toshe andonov 1

Cards get a new design and you can also use custom themes, for a personalized look. There are more cards available with more features and deeper integration with the device. There’s vertical scrolling available here and a new multitasking feature, plus the new concept of “”app inside an app from your notification drawer”. The notification bar moves down and it’s able to integrate with the navigation bar.

Android 5 concept toshe andonov 2

The idea is to get more space on the screen when running full screen apps. The search bar is placed on the top, very easily accessible and you can now make a two finger tap on a card to show more info and controls. If you swipe from the left or right edge of the screen you can access the Jelly Bean style lockscreens, where you can add widgets and shortcuts.

The homescreen has become “smart”, according to Toshe Andonov, with the major cards popping up higher, while the ones that already existed are place to the bottom. The Hangouts chat will be pushed on your feed, with a quick reply option and you can learn more about this approach from the gallery below. What do you make of this fresh and busy UI?

[via Toshe Andonov]


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