iPhone 6 by Jermaine Smit Has a Full HD 4.7 Inch Screen, 4K Video Capture

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Jermaine Smit has come up with new designs weekly over the past months and this week is no exception, as he pulls out of the hat a nifty iPhone 6. This is a 4.7 inch iPhone with a Full HD resolution and a 10 megapixel back camera with 4K video recording.

Iphone 6 1

There’s also 2 GB of RAM on board, 32 or 64 GB of storage, iOS 7.2 and a 3.2 MP front camera. A new charger has been implemented here, as well as a 2300 mAh battery. The designer allowed me to choose the CPU, so I say Apple A8 64 bit quad core unit. This is a wider than usual iPhone and also very slim, maybe in the range of 6 mm or so.

Iphone 6 5

It seems to have a new port at the bottom and the Touch ID Home button looks very elegant. The lockscreen in iOS 7.2 is Jermaine’s design, so it’s totally original. We’ve got a dual LED flash at the back and this sexy beast caught my eye especially with the small bezel at the upper side. There’s also basically no side bezel, so the 4.7 inch screen may be able to fit within a body that’s much, much more compact than the HTC One for example.

[Thanks Jermaine Smit]

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