iPhone 6 Render by Martin Hajek Uses a Glass TouchPad Instead of Home Button

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Martin Hajek is one of the designers who stuns us with visually detailed concept phones, like the BlackBerry one or the iPad Mini one. Today we’re showing you his vision of the iPhone 6, inspired by Steve Hemmerstoffer from Nowhereelse.fr.


The idea here is to design an iPhone of 2014, one with a 5 inch display and one that ditches the physical Home button. And then came the magical idea of implementing a touchpad below the display, like the MacBook trackpad, covered with a glass plate. That mechanism now replaces the Home button with the ability to click on said touchpad. The design seems inspired by the iPad Mini and the current iPod Touch, if you ask me.

iPhone 6 relies on an unibody aluminum anodized black or gray case and it comes with a Retina Display that’s borderless and… clickable in its lower area. I can also feel a bit of the iPhone 3G/3GS generation with the slightly curved shape of the device in the upper side and at the back. I also imagine that the resolution is huge here and we a special Apple A7X or Apple A8 CPU inside.

[via Martin Hajek and nowhereelse.fr]