iPhone 8 4 mm Phone is the Idealistic Phone We Expect in 2017 (Video)

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As the Galaxy S8 is flooding our wavelengths, let’s let the iPhone 8 catch a glimpse of the future too. Designer Matteo Gentile and TechDesigns showcased the iPhone 8 concept below, focused on slimness and the goodies that 2017 will bring us.


This iPhone 8 design has a glass back and an incredibly slim 4 mm body. The Jet Black hue is still here and the Home button is totally virtual. We get wireless charging and a 12 megapixel selfie shooter. The concept also goes with a wraparound glass screen with OLED tech, while the display itself is an HDR one, the kind of which you see on modern TVs now.


Since it’s s wraparound screen, the images and videos are hugely immersive and totally free of any bezels or limitations. While this sounds a bit much for Apple, a curved OLED panel may well happen next year, although not exactly wrapped all the way around the device and certainly not 4 mm slim. Strange to see no detailed mention of that protruding main camera… probably a 16 MP affair.



[via TechDesigns]

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