iPhone 8 Commercial Shows an Apple Phone with a Small Touchscreen in the Home Button (Video)

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Another day, another iPhone 8 concept. This time it’s the work of Thadeu Brandao and it’s been created exclusively for ConceptsiPhone. Seen from the back, the device looks exactly like the iPhone 7, but upfront we find a bezel-free screen.

There’s also an unusual idea, that sees the Home button integrating a touchscreen of its own. The earpiece has also been moved to the top most area of the facade. A set of UI elements make use of the interactivity of the Home button. The idea is to emulate the MacBook Touch Bar if you want, in a smaller version. This setup may be a bit confusing in such a small form factor, leading the user to accidental presses and other fumbles.

A better idea for this button would be to assume the functionality of an UI element in each app. For example it could become a shutter button in the camera, a hit button in a game, maybe a scroll button in some other app. I also have to wonder where the front camera left, since I can’t seem to spot it on this iPhone 8 concept. It could be hidden in the screen somehow, but I’m not betting on that…

[via ConceptsiPhone]

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