iPhone 8 Edge to Edge Concept Has Camera Moved Into Apple Logo (Video)

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Apple fans have been asking for the iPhone Apple logo to be put to work for years now, either by lighting it up or by giving it another purpose. Now we can finally see that happening, courtesy of the concept below. The creation of Iskander Utebayev, this iPhone 8 concept features an edge to edge screen and more.

First, it brings a curved side screen with virtually no bezels, at least on the sides. All of the cool optical elements of the camera are embedded behind the Apple logo, that’s now covered by a piece of transparent glass, possibly sapphire glass. The way the display is curved on the sides feels more like Galaxy S7 Edge than Galaxy S7, I’d say.

Apple should make sure that they implement some serious palm rejection here, otherwise problems will ensue. The body is still made of metal, but the back now seems to be covered in glass, at least in the darker version of the smartphone. Interesting placement of the two flashes at the top, by the way.

[via Behance/ ConceptsiPhone]

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