Samsung Galaxy S8 Fresh Design is Actually a Headphone Concept

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We’ve seen a ton of Samsung Galaxy S8 concepts and while some of them put emphasis on the features leaked by various sources, others tend to focus on details. Today, we found the concept created by Deviantart user DKonovalov, that seems to focus on an original form factor and some cute little headphones.

The handset is not exactly curved, but rather bent at straight angles on the device’s side. The Home button is back and if you really want a metaphor for this form factor, try to imagine the classic ultra hot apple pie from McDonald’s. That’s the design here. This is an elegant device, that feels a bit like a BlackBerry somehow, but once again the headphones are the most original aspect.

Info scrolls on the curved/bent edges and the facade is all screen no bezels. The Galaxy S8 is rather thick here and the headphones are mere wireless buds, that have a very elegant cap. They’ve also prone to being lost, maybe even more than the Apple AirPods. We have yet to see leaks for S8 accessories, but this is a good start.

[via Deviantart]

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