iPhone 8 is a Rectangular Edge to Edge Slab of Metal, As Rendered by Vlado Ivankovic

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Designer Vlado Ivankovic has imagined the way one of the future generations of iPhone will look like. Thus came to life the iPhone 8 concept below. We’re dealing here with a rectangular slab of metal, that has an edge to edge screen stuck at its front.

iPhone 8 concept vlado ivankovic 1

First, I spotted a very discrete front camera, also pretty small and placed to the side. I like my front cameras central, because that’s how they can better catch the selfie subject, but on the side also works. Then, there’s the earpiece that I find to be kind of small, but it’s in reasonable limits. I see the Home button with fingerprint scanner has been kept and the screen has been made an edge to edge one.

iphone 8 concept vlado ivankovic

The question is: will Apple “trespass” the edges and also give us side screens with volume buttons and notifications. In this iteration there still seems to be a little metal on the edges, so the answer is no. Then the back is revealed with an atypical Apple approach: two speakers at the bottom side of the back. The iPhones usually sport their speakers at the bottom part.

If you pay close attention to the proportions of the back, this feels more like an iPad Mini than a phone…

[via Behance]

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