iPhone 8 Gets Secondary Screen Yet Again, Via Techconfigurations Render (Video)

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WWDC 2017 didn’t bring us any new iPhones, but that was to be expected, since such goodies usually arrive in the fall. That doesn’t mean iPhone 8 concepts aren’t still flying around like crazy. The latest comes from Techconfigurations and bets big on a potent front camera system.

We also get that “secondary screen” thingie at the bottom of the screen, basically a touch area that includes a virtual Home button and contextual icons. There’s also a TouchID fingerprint scanner here and the back is all covered up with glass. The dual camera looks exactly like in the schematics, with a flash between the two sensors. We also get a rounded frame here and upfront we find an iris scanner and dual front camera.

Interestingly, the front camera is a 3D one and the back one has augmented reality, which was expected judging by Apple’s presentation at WWDC 2017. The designers behind this phone envisioned it with a 5.8 inch Full HD AMOLED screen, with 3D Touch, 4 GB of RAM and an Apple A11 chipset. Of course, the screen has ultra minimal bezel. And to top it all, the concept makers went all out with premium materials.

This iPhone 8 concept features both sapphire glass crystal and a steel frame. It also remains waterproof.

[via Techconfigurations]

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