iPhone Edition 2017 Concept Imagined by Benjamin Geskin, Looking Hot

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Among the iPhone 8 rumors there’s one that’s a bit on and off, coming and going: the 5.8 inch OLED iPhone one. That device, now codenamed iPhone Edition 2017 by designer Benjamin Geskin has just received a pretty looking set of renders.

My first impression was that this device is a combo of the LG G6 and Galaxy S8. It has the narrow top and bottom bezel of the S8 and the curved corners of the LG G6. There’s an OLED screen here, with curved sides, plus a dual camera at the back. Just like the Galaxy S Edge models, you can see a glimpse of the screen even when looking at the device from the side.

There’s a fingerprint scanner embedded below the display, a rumor we’ve heard about before. The back side feels a bit more like an iPhone 5c texture rather than glass or metal, although ceramic comes to mind. Some even say there’s a bit of Google Pixel experience here, but I can’t quite see it. The source that published the renders of the designer mentions wireless charging, dust proof and waterproofing plus an “all new glass sandwich design”.

Expect a potent CPU inside and lots of RAM, plus a high resolution. I think that the 5.8 inch format idea was inspired by Galaxy S8 and should fit within the body of a 5.2 incher judging by current trends.

[via Benjamin Geskin/ idropnews]

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