iPhone Fingerprint Scanner Concept is All Curves (Video)

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Federico Ciccarese puts out iPhone concepts rarely, but they’re usually very good and original. This time he imagined an iPhone with a fingerprint scanner, exactly what the recent rumors said we will get this year.

iPhone Fingerprint Scanner 01

The device has a curved screen and curved case and the fingerprint sensor replaces the Home button. The handset uses a special iPhone fingerprint Scanner and has a big chamfer on the front side. This iPhone concept seems a bit bulky, if you ask me and also a bit too wide for my taste. The curved glass may feel a bit too curved and exposed to cracking.

Its metallic ring around the facade and the very rounded look remind me of an iPhone 3GS that has been beefed up seriously. This iPhone rendering uses the color combos black and slate or white and silver. Would an Apple handset with fingerprint scanner make the device more appealing? Would we actually use that security feature?


[via Ciccarese Design]


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