So, This Could Be the iPhone X II

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Martin Hajek doesn’t render phones often, but when he does, he goes strong. The proof is the fresh iPhone X II, which is shown below. A successor for the iPhone X is a sure thing, be it iPhone X Plus or iPhone X 2. Now let’s see how Martin envisioned it.

First of all, the iPhone X 2 has narrower bezels and a smaller notch, which is good news. There are 3D sensors at the front and back and the lenses are stacked vertically. Using this setup you can capture pictures and the sensors will also gather 3D data from the back and front camera at the same time. An “all glass” design may be featured on the iPhone X, making the glass wrap over the top of the iPhone, letting the camera and sensors capture data from the front and back more easily.

An interesting feature, which I didn’t see coming is the fact this is a dual SIM iPhone, which may happen at some point. However, I think Apple would rather go eSIM with switchable networks, rather than pure dual SIM. The only problem I have with this design is that it feels too much like the iPhone X. Sometimes I find it weird that more people don’t complain about how glossy the device’s metal frame is…

I think a switch from stainless steel would be welcome. Also, the black version of the device has some iPhone 3GS throwbacks…

[via Martin Hajek]

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