Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Gets Turned Into the “Bezel Less Beast”

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Samsung Galaxy S9 is almost here, one step closer to launch and we’re sick and tired of its leaks. Time to rinse and repeat, but this time with a new model, the Galaxy Note 9. Rendered by Concept Creator, in a very complex video, the future Note gets the bezel-less treatment.

We still have a dual back camera, but what’s gone is the fingerprint scanner, now integrated into the display. There’s no more chin here and the facade’s top side is also gone, with the earpiece and sensors integrated into the glass panel, something I’ve actually heard rumored. This feels like a barebones approach, a minimalism that would make Jony Ive happy for example.

After many years of adding stuff, maybe it’s time to let go of the past and embrace a new, simpler format. I also love the fact that this is finally a slim and sleek look, not overly narrow, not too wide, not too tall, just right. The only problem is that it’s impossible to predict the diagonal right now… Maybe 5.9 inches? Maybe 6.2 again? I guess we’ll wait and see.


[via Concept Creator]

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