iPhone X Fold Shows Potential Apple Foldable Phone, Inspired by Rivals

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Inspired by the recent Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X releases, today we have the iPhone X Fold, Apple’s own version of a foldable phone. The device has been envisioned by Roy Gilsing Design and we have multiple shots of it below.

iPhone X Fold seems to go with the same approach as the Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. This means it’s a square device, definitely not my favourite form factor. When folded it’s too narrow, feeling a bit like a Sony Vaio or a Nokia Communicator. There’s no visible seam or crease down the middle, while the hinge itself is very discrete.

In spite of approaching a new design, the foldable Apple phone keeps the iOS interface intact. What’s interesting here is that the bezels are actually a bit big, as if the screen panels were mounted on top of a body that flexes. My favourite picture is the one showing the device in a sort of laptop mode, with a comfy keyboard, that seems almost physically tactile, plus a pretty wide screen and also rather well spaced.

Since Samsung and Huawei are asking $2000 or even more for their foldables, I imagine Apple would go crazy with $4000 even and that kills the industry. However, that was also the case when iMate, HTC smartphones, PDAs also started appearing. Then over time they got cheaper. Early adopters were pretty happy with the products, but I’d say wait for the second or third gen now.

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