iPhone XI and XI Plus Are Inspired by the iPad Pro

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Over the past years we’ve seen more often than not iPads that were inspired by the iPhone X. Now the tables have turned and we’re seeing iPhones inspired by iPads. We’ve just received two new iPhone designs from Phone Industry, the iPhone XI and iPhone XI Plus.

The devices are inspired by the latest iPad Pro and they come with the incredible waistline of just 5.9 mm. This basically makes this the slimmest iPhone ever and probably also triggers a Bendgate or two. There’s an “Infinity” display upfront, with a very small camera cutout and also a cutout for an IR lens used for facial recognition. The screen covers the entire facade, but still there’s a small bezel that integrates the dot projector and speaker.

This iPhone XI concept moves to a triple lens camera system, meant to compete with the Huawei and Samsung implementations. “Similar triple lens systems” are quote, so we’re probably getting a tele and wide camera here, aside from the main one. Colors options include a classic black, white, plus a bronze-gold hue, painted as a gradient of the back side. The black is fully black and I imagine that the special technology which sucks in all the light could be used.

If you ask me, the side metal bezels are a bit too prominent here. I’m getting iPhone 5s vibes and slight iPhone XR vibes. The notch is nicely implemented and the hues have a metallic vibe that people may like. I have a feeling that this is more of an iPhone XR 2 than an iPhone XI…

[via Phone Industry]

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