iWatch Product Design by Mark Bell (Video)

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Created by Mark Bell, this iWatch render changes the game, because it adopts a round screen and a high resolution panel. Ran Avni created a video of the Apple Watch, that’s shown below and apparently it also comes with iOS 8.

apple iwatch concept round 1

The watchband of the iWatch concept was made from a stretchable rubber nylon mix with micro perforations for maximum breathability. The standard clasp has been replaced and the watch relies on an unibody design. The body is “pressed from a single titanium disk into shape”, according to Mark Bell and it’s also CNC milled afterwards.

apple iwatch concept round 8

At the front of the smartwatch we find a circular touchscreen with Retina resolution and a diagonal that I can speculate to be around 2 inches or maybe even a bit more. The device has 4G connectivity, Bluetooth, a dual core CPU and supports multitasking. It has iOS 8 and chamfered edges, as well as titanium and chrome accents.


[via Behance]

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