MacBook Earth, Water and Fire Concepts Makes Us Smile

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Since it’s Sunday, I thought we might chill with some funny concepts from Dvice. They envisioned three new MacBook designs that would fit in the same category with the Air model: MacBook Fire, MacBook Earth and Water. These three and the Air might just conjure up a Captain Planet laptop from Apple…

The most beautiful of the trio, MacBook Earth is all about organic material, it’s powered b solar energy and wind power as well. It’s got a phosphorescent screen that works on few nanowatts, while its chassis is pure clay, although I’m not sure how good is that with durability. The best thing? You can grow crops on it… mini crops!

The one I personally liked the most was the MacBook Water, that is simply a bottle you pour in front of you, splashing the iFluid on a flat surface. I guess that the fluid has to be special, some sort of mercury or something that doesn’t harm a human being. When you’re done computing, just use a sponge and wipe the device away. Cool, right?

The Fire Apple laptop is the totally outrageous concept, the one that simply involves a too powerful device, one so powerful in fact that it glows. Also, the heat generated here is so huge, that the laptop radiates and tends to melt, but it doesn’t. Of course, these are all parody concepts…

[via Dvice]