MacBook Mini is The Apple Netbook You’ve Been Waiting for

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We’ve shown you a MacBook Nano concept and even a hot iNetbook design a while back, but now we’re being treated to a very fine piece of gadgetry: the Apple Netbook, MacBook Mini. Designed by Isamu Sanada, this great portable device packs a full QWERTY keypad, a 10 inch LED display and even a trackpad, placed on a foldable segment.


MacBook Mini is just 5.4 inches thick when folded and it incorporates a 128GB SSD, but it lacks the optical drive some might be hoping for. I could see this as a pretty decent multimedia device, but also one meant for business men and journalists.

Even gamers might get a kick out of using it. If it weren’t for the thickness, I’d be MacBook Mini’s number one fan.





[via SlipperyBrick and TechEBlog]

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  • Marian

    that so kool u guys should make a touch laptop

  • Anonymous

    what the heck!!! the touchpad covers the damn keyboard!!! bad design!! the touchpad should be on the other side and the screen can be tilted 180 degrees backwards for tablet use while the flap for the touchpad covers the entire keyboard

  • Dave W

    Uhm … look closer. The touchpad does not COVER the keyboard. It is a tri-fold design. When you don’t need the keyboard, you can utilize JUST a touchpad.

    Great design, especially considering they just launched the iPad, many people want a WELL DESIGNED Apple repsonse to the NetBook Market, and this is an extremely worthy candidate.

    Thin, compact form factor (Unlike the MacBook Air, it was THIN, but otherwise the same (rough) dimensions of most other notebooks / laptops.

  • abdulsalam

    i need some details about apple’netbook, because i’m looking for buying one.

  • jimmy pena

    i hope this little apple device gets revealed and gets being sold in stores