MacBook Mini is The Apple Netbook You’ve Been Waiting for

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We’ve shown you a MacBook Nano concept and even a hot iNetbook design a while back, but now we’re being treated to a very fine piece of gadgetry: the Apple Netbook, MacBook Mini. Designed by Isamu Sanada, this great portable device packs a full QWERTY keypad, a 10 inch LED display and even a trackpad, placed on a foldable segment.


MacBook Mini is just 5.4 inches thick when folded and it incorporates a 128GB SSD, but it lacks the optical drive some might be hoping for. I could see this as a pretty decent multimedia device, but also one meant for business men and journalists.

Even gamers might get a kick out of using it. If it weren’t for the thickness, I’d be MacBook Mini’s number one fan.





[via SlipperyBrick and TechEBlog]