New iPhone 2.0 Concept is Rather Sexy

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The iPhone finally got rid of those “playful” curved edges, opting for a more serious look, at least in designer Isamu Sanada’s concept. It seems to be a thicker device now, but it may be an optical illusion. Also, this option of getting rid of the curved edges, seems to leave a lot of unused room at the iPhone 2.0’s top and bottom side.


[via Dvice]

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  • Anonymous

    i like curve edge !!!

  • Adrian

    Apple ought to sit up and take notice of this! I have managed to resist an iPhone so far because I just don’t like the styling of the rear and the plastic of the back casing which is so bad for scratches and fingerprints. But if Apple were to adopt Sanada’s concept I and many others would be right down to the Apple Store…

  • brian

    hopefully is not a curve edge since i havent purchased 1 because of the design and the camera dat the iphone has….