Top 10 iPhone 12 Cases

iPhones come with new upgrades every year and keeps getting expensive. As an iPhone user, you should find ways to protect your best gadget. 

While the new Apple iPhones come with a Ceramic Shield on the front, which is shatter-resistant compared to previous models, it still isn’t an absolute guarantee that this will protect your phone from damage. Therefore, you need to protect your precious iPhone 12 with a sturdy and stylish case. 

Smartish Gripmunk

Although the Gripmunk’s may have a plain appearance, it will serve its purpose of protecting your iPhone from minor mishaps. This is one of the first things you need to look for when buying a phone case.

This slim case adds minimal bulk to your phone and comes at an affordable price. Smartish Gripmunk comes in 3 color options although but you can also avail of customized prints to add a personalized touch to your case. This case is one whole piece made of TPU, a type of flexible rubber that makes it easy to place your phone inside the case. It’s also easy to pull off the case when you need to. The back is very smooth while the edges are slightly pebbly feel with finger grooves to improve your grip.

Loopy Case

According to the reviewers for a research paper writing service, the main objective in the designing of the Loopy Case is very simple – to make a case that’s better than the rest without adding unnecessary bulk. Using German engineering, this case offers everything that you need in a slim, perfectly-balanced case.

The Loopy Case comes in a variety of designs and colors. One unique feature of this case is its silicone loop grip, which makes it easier for you to hold your iPhone in one hand without worrying about dropping it even while doing something else.

Bandolier Billie Utility Crossbody With Case

As mentioned by a tech reviewer on a dissertation assistance service, if you want a case with a more adventurous appearance, consider the Billie Utility Crossbody, designed by Bandolier. The case comes with three pouches that will hold your phone along with other items too. This case offers adjustability, multi-pockets, a utility strap, and a side-slot case. The ivory pebbled leather design has three compartments plus a riveted adjuster for easy adjustment.

This case is the supreme fashion accessory that will also protect your expensive gadget. With its functional and sophisticated design, the Billie Utility Crossbody will transform your phone into a piece of wearable and stylish technology instantly.

OtterBox Symmetry Series Clear Case

custom writing site review says that OtterBox will truly protect your iPhone better. Aside from the clear case, it also comes in a variety of colored designs for you to show off your iPhone 12’s intricate details.

This case is made of synthetic and polycarbonate rubber with elevated edges to protect the screen of your iPhone. The OtterBox Symmetry Case also has wireless charging compatibility. The company even offers a limited lifetime warranty on its cases, including this one.

Casetify MagSafe iPhone 12 Pro Case

If you want to adorn your iPhone 12 with designs that are both fun and attractive, you can opt for this case from Casetify. This case will protect your iPhone 12 and it comes in both matte and clear black. 

It will cover all of the edges of your phone completely. The Casetify MagSafe iPhone Case is also durable enough to withstand a fall over 6 feet! It’s even partially made from recycled plastic materials. You can customize and input your own custom text before you purchase. Then you can charge your iPhone 12 wirelessly without removing the case. This is a very useful feature whenever your battery runs low.

12 Pro Silicone Case with MagSafe

What makes this case unique is that it has a soft fabric interior lining, while the exterior has a smooth surface made of silicone that covers the edges and back of your phone. 

Moreover, instead of the usual single opening for the microphone, lightning, and speaker ports like the older models, this case has dedicated cut-outs. You can press all of the buttons of your iPhone 12 with a satisfying click since the silicone case won’t cover them. Even if you have short fingertips or nails, you can flip the silent or ring switch easily. This is one of the first cases that supported MagSafe. The 12 Pro Silicone Case even comes with a magnetic ring inside that allows you to attach accessories onto the back.

Spigen Neo Hybrid for iPhone

The Spigen Neo Hybrid is also a 1-piece shell style that is both flexible and protective. The case comes with a textured pattern to make it easier for you to hold on to your iPhone. It has an aluminum-style frame that contributes to its elegant look. Spigen Neo Hybrid has a form-fitted, lightweight, and slim design with tactile buttons for easy pressing and solid feedback.

It’s made of shock-absorbing TPU material and a bumper made of polycarbonate. The enhanced frame of this case comes reinforced at the cut-outs for a snug fit and sturdier durability.

Case-Mate Tough Wallet Folio

This case offers a triple threat. Aside from being a case for you to keep your iPhone 12, you can also use it as a wallet to can keep your personal belongings and a stand. 

The pebbled exterior is made of genuine, high-quality leather with a landscape stand feature already built into it. Case-Mate Tough Wallet Folio includes pockets that will hold your cash or cards. You can consider the Case-Mate a fashion accessory as it will express your personality, accentuate your look, and protect your expensive phone from damage.

Razer Arctech Pro

Amaze yourself by choosing the Razer Arctech Pro for iPhone 12 case. This is a protective and attractive case with a design that combines various technologies. For one, it has a coating with anti-bacterial properties.

This is a drop-certified case that uses Thermaphene cooling technology to dissipate the heat generated by your iPhone. This will keep your phone from overheating and ensure that it will stay cool and comfortable to hold. The sides of the Razer Arctech Pro come reinforced to strengthen the whole case. This ensures that while you work on your iPhone, nothing will impede its 5G connectivity. The case also comes with the logo of the brand.

Nomad Leather iPhone 12 Case

Wallet-style iPhone cases are now growing in popularity as a choice for both iPhone protection and storing valuable items. The Leather iPhone 12 Case from Nomad is one of the most fashionable leather iPhone 12 cases that come in rustic brown and black Horween leather.

Since you can store your money, credit card, and ID on the opposite side of your phone, it means that you can still close the case. It serves as a built-in wallet and an extra protector for your phone’s screen. This makes it ideal for traveling, especially for trips where you need to keep your valuables on hand.


Apple always makes sure that its iPhones are tough and durable. But there is no such thing as absolute protection, even with the precautions the company has added. Your iPhone 12 will still need some help to stay in top condition. Fortunately, you can avail the best iPhone 12 cases for your phone. There is a wide selection for you to choose from. All you have to do now is to think about what you want.

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