Top Relaxing Games for iPhone

Are you looking for a way to clear your head and relax? Often, people find themselves stressed out with a hectic schedule and lack of time. However, do not fear. There are many ways to unwind from the stress that accompanies modern adulthood easily. 

Relaxing iPhone games offer an innovative, easy, and affordable way to reduce your anxiety levels with hours of fun. It can be hard to choose just one app with so many options out there.

In this article, we’ll give people a list of some of the best iOS games to release anxiety. We’ll also discuss how to securely download unknown apps using a Google extension VPN without compromising personal information. And finally, we’ll answer the following questions asked by tensed people:

  • What games are good for stress and anxiety?
  • Do phone games help anxiety?

So, if you also want to release anxiety with relaxing game apps, then keep reading this article.

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Why are relaxing games necessary?

Studies have shown that playing relaxing games before bed significantly increases the quality of sleep. It also provides an escape from the day’s stresses and has a soothing music soundtrack or calming voice narration. There are also studies that have shown gaming can trigger the release of dopamine, which is a hormone associated with happiness and relief from stress.

Playful distractions are beneficial not only in the evening but also during the day when one needs to take a break from work. With so many benefits, it is only logical that when one feels stressed, they should turn to some relaxing puzzles to release it. 

Now, let’s discuss some of the best apps to release anxiety.

7 Best games for releasing stress:

Pack Master:

Every night, most people play one of their favorite games to help them unwind. One game that will release your stress is Pack Master. This app is similar to Tetris, but instead of pieces falling, you are collecting items that are all different shapes. 

The app’s goal is to collect all items on the board by matching them with the same color and shape. This can also be helpful for people who are not well packer. People can play this game not only on iPhones but also on Android.

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I Love Hue Too:

When it comes to de-stressing, most people do not think of gaming. However, some video games are designed to help release stress by providing the player with an escape from the ordinary world and challenging them in new ways. The game I Love Hue Too is a perfect example of this. 

It’s an interactive puzzle game that takes color theory and art history to create a visual masterpiece. It trains your brain in problem-solving techniques while exploring the world through color.

People can create different color orders to create harmony and make beautiful patterns with geometric shapes. Three daily challenges can push you up regularly. 

Cessabit: The Calming Game:

Cessabit is the next puzzle app on our list that can help people in releasing stress. It is a paid app, and you can buy it from Apple Store for just $1.99. It is a memory game where people will first see an image. After that, there will be some questions regarding that image, and you need to give answers to all.

The game is helpful for both getting relaxed and doing brain exercise. It is one of the best games as there is no violence and no internet connection required. People can improve their visual memory significantly with this app.

Kami 2:

Many people find that games offer a great outlet for releasing built-up stress and tensions, and Kami 2 is one of the best apps to do so. This app will challenge your mind and take you on an adventure while also providing hours of entertainment. 

There are hundreds of hand-crafted puzzles, and people are challenged to fill the entire screen with one color using limited moves. It is a free app available on the Apple store. 

The best part is that users can create their own puzzles as well and share them with everyone inside the application. While we are discussing relaxing games to release stress, there is also a need to have a VPN to get protection online.

VPNs are great for hiding original information like IP address and location from hackers, downloading unknown apps safely, and unblocking any website. There are many VPNs people can find online, but the best one and comes with advanced security features is the VeePN. So, do try VeePN’s free trial next time before downloading any unknown software.


Minecraft is a game that can be highly enjoyable to play while you are feeling stressed. As a blocky universe, Minecraft has been designed, so it feels like you are in an entire world.

Players have the ability to create anything they want, from small buildings to large cities, and share them with other players from across the world. One of the key features that make Minecraft a great way to release stress is how open-ended it is. People can purchase Minecraft on Apple Store for just $6.99.

Smash Hit:

Smash Hit is another app that will help you quickly and easily release some stress. With the tapping motion and simple gameplay, the game has been proven to be addicting and easy enough for any skill level. 

Simply tap on glass bricks to navigate and avoid obstacles to reach the end goal. This simple but addictive diversion from everyday life will keep you from being too stressed about your day.

Monument Valley 2:

Monument Valley 2 is a puzzle game following a mother and her child as they journey through exciting landscapes. The goal of the game is to help the mother and her child to get escape. The graphics used in the game are stunning, and it’s also an award-winning game. 

If you want to release anxiety in an adventurous way, then this is the app to go with. However, it is a paid app, and people can get this for just $4.99. 

So, these are some of the best relaxing game apps that people can play when feeling stressed. Online protection from hackers is also vital to keep yourself away from being tensed about your data privacy. 

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