7 tips and tricks to help you win in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is one of the toughest first-person shooter games and will require some guidance if you must win. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This article provides 7 pro tips and tricks to help you taste victory in the legendary Escape from Tarkov. 

We also recommend some Escape from Tarkov hacks to help you to cut a few tough corners. But before you go searching for their hacks, let’s discuss the tricks and tips; read on.

Tips and Tricks for EFT

  1. Pick Fights with Bots

Bots are very strategic and powerful, displaying stunts you may never know exists. Thankfully, Escape from Tarkov allows you to them. Fighting with these bots will help to improve your fighting skills and boost your progress level in the game. 

These matches can also be a practice ground for the real fights, so try them. You may not derive rewards from such matches, but they are worth the experience and skills you will gain. 

  1. Embark on Quests

Completing quests is a great thing to do if you want to advance your skills. You also get bonuses and unlock new items that you will need in your main game. Such bonus items can be weapons. In addition, you gain more skill and practice hours that will help in improving your game. 

  1. Get Acquainted with The Environment

A good way to go about Tarkov is by getting a good knowledge of your map. We also advise that you stick to one game map at a time. Good knowledge of the map gives you easy maneuvers to escape routes. 

Using these routes well will help you survive longer and make your looting process a lot easier. It also makes the learning process for subsequent maps in the game less-tasking.

  1. Keep Your Weapons Secure

In Escape from Tarkov, you lose all your weapons and items whenever you get killed. But, fair enough, the game provides a feature known as secure containers that can help you save your items. 

These containers allow you to store the valuable weapons you can access after being killed. These containers vary, depending on your progress in the game, with bigger containers in more advanced levels.

  1.  Use Sounds to your Advantage

Like most shooter games you will find out there, sound can be a big bonus if you utilize it fully. So in the game, you will hear important sounds, including your footsteps and other players. 

Hearing the footstep of approaching players keeps you one step ahead as it makes you anticipate them. But always be cautious, too, since they can equally hear yours. Furthermore, to help you pick very low but essential sounds, we recommend using headphones built for gaming.

  1. Don’t Loot Just Anything.

Choosing what to loot can be confusing, varying with different gamers. Instead of just looting anything, we advise that you take quests and loot quest-specific items. The best way of going about this is by taking only essential items.

You might also consider taking small valuables, but the best loots are keys, statuses, GPU’s and any other gold-containing item. 

  1. Try Playing As A Scav

The Scavenger mode of Escape From Tarkov is a great alternative to playing as a PMC. The advantage of playing as a Scav is that you don’t lose any of your items if you die. But you can add loots from your Scav game to your main PMC game and continue.

This helps you to load up your inventory with more weapons and useful items before getting into the main game. In addition, this will help to reduce your risk of dying because of a lack of experience.


A game like Escape from Tarkov is a good point of fascination and attraction for gaming enthusiasts. Consequently, progress in the game is more demanding and requires a unique approach. That shouldn’t be a source of concern to you anymore- thanks to this article. 

The tips you just read above have been carefully deduced from several gaming hours in Tarkov and similar games. So we recommend that you apply them, and we can assure you wins as you gradually master the techniques.

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