Ultra Slim iPhone Concept, Probably the Last One Before the Real Thing Gets Announced

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Tomorrow is the big day, with WWDC 2009 kicking off and Apple getting ready to announce the next-gen iPhone and hopefully a netbook. Till then, we’ve got an ultra-thin iPhone concept on our hands, probably the last next-gen design we’ll be seeing before the real thing.

It’s actually a pretty hot piece of gadgetry, but it’s very unlikely that the device launched tomorrow will look anything like this.


The touchscreen looks a tad larger than the one on the average iPhone and I wonder how much battery life would such a thin handset provide… It may sound weird, but an ultra-slim phone like this is very likely to be dropped, specially if it’s glossy, as it tends to become slippery.

[via IntoMobile]

  • Littlewiiguy

    Apple will never bring anything like this out but we can dream that some company somewhere will but a little thicker so that you don’t lose it between the sheets of paper on your desk.

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  • Garmin nuvi 1490t

    Thin is nice. I’d rather have it slightly thicker with more battery life.

  • Pheaktra

    I would like it so much…
    If its price is lower than before…

  • I liked this model very much. I am very eager to use this model soon.