Sony Ericsson Phan, Camcorder-Style Phone Design

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Razec’s series of beautiful concepts shown on Esato continues, this time with Sony Ericsson Phan, a handset we’ve seen teased here. We’re dealing with a phone that comes with a pretty original form factor, reminding me of a camcorder.

Phan features stereo speakers, a hidden earpiece, gesture imaging pad, a rotating hinge and a 12.1 megapixel camera with LED flash.


Its external surface is mirror-like and the phone incorporates 2 microphones, a 2.4 inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, a fast port and a neat set of navigation keys. Sony Ericsson Phan is basically a clamshell, but one that uses the Fold and Twist mechanism, usually seen on Japanese phones, that imitate camcorders.

Symbian OS runs the show and the camera gets touch autofocus to go with its other features: EXMOR CMOS sensor, smile shutter, gesture imaging, dual LED photoflash and WVGA 30 fps video recording.


On Phan’s specs list you’ll also find 8GB of media storage, a microSDHC slot and stereo audio recording. If this would ever be turned into a real device, it’ll be available in 5 different colours: Electric Blue, Sunshine Gold, Rose Pink, Lime Green and Urban Grey.

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[via Esato]