Yellow iPhone 6 Render is Flat, iPad-ish (Video)

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Straight from KOBi SNiR comes a brand new iPhone 6 concept, rendered in the video below. This design seems focused on a flat metallic case and minimal edges. The Home button has only been reduced to a fraction of what it was before.

iphone 6 concept kobi 2

The camera is now centered at the back and has the flash above it, while the iPhone 6 has become wider and has very small buttons, in comparison with the body. This model feels a bit like the body of a MacBook or maybe some sort of mini iPad Mini, so to say. I have heard people saying that Jony Ive and co may adopt the iPad Mini design on the iPhone as well.

iphone 6 concept kobi

That’s what started the rumors about the iPhone Air, but I don’t think that will happen. While the current round buttons may feel ugly on the iPhone, pill shaped ones are not exactly a solution. Is a wide metallic device with almost no bezels the ideal iPhone 6? And what about the diagonal? I have a feeling this is a 4.5 inch iPhone or maybe even more.


[Thanks Kobi Snir]

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