Windows Phone Notifications and Toggles Rendered by Reid Swan

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Every time I play with a Windows Phone handset, I feel the need of a proper multitasking and notification system. Today Reid Swan has a solution, through a concept of Windows Phone notifications and toggles.

Windows Phone notification concept 1

He rendered his ideas, that he says could end up in Windows Phone 8.1 or maybe Windows Phone 8.2. Notifications shown here can be overlay or slide out and they’re display as some sort of overlapping mini tiles. You can pull right from the Start screen for a Notification overlay, or pull down from the top of the start screen for notifications slide out.

Finally, you can pull down from the top of the start screen for the toggles overlay. This part feels a bit old, especially the icons and how big they are. I’m guessing those could be implemented more discretely, right?

Windows Phone notification concept 2

Windows Phone notification concept 3

[Thanks Reid Swan]

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