Asus KarE Concept Phone, Texting and Gaming Device

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The Asus KarE phone is a conceptual design that explores the future of devices created for “kids and elderly people”. As you see in the images next to the handset created by Markus Wierzoch, it makes a perfect messaging phone and a great console replacement for those who got tired of their Nintendo DS or PSP.


Asus KarE resembles a console more than a normal phone, while the keypad has something “Spider-man-esque” about it, don’t ask me, I’ve just created that word. Its front controls are clearly , while the sliding keypad (or keypads) make it perfect for a nice afternoon of texting with your loved one.

There’s also a camera at the back of this curved device, that looks like something Sega would come up with.

[via Coroflot]