2 Thumbs is an User Friendly Smartphone UI concept, Letting Users Control Handsets Easier

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It seems we’re getting more interface concepts these days, rather than full fledged smartphone renders. We saw the Android O concept render and now there’s an user friendly smartphone UI concept called “2 Thumbs“.

2 thumbs concept smartphone interface  (2)

The creation of Sascha Wlascheck, this user interface is a customizable system, that involves the control of the whole experience via one or two easily accessible and scrollable, plus pushable areas. The position of thumbs can be adjusted, obviously and you can select main menu items for apps and access folders and sub folders. As far as writing goes, there seems to be a sliding column of letters at the right corner of the device and a sliding diagonal column of numbers and symbols to the lower left.

2 thumbs concept smartphone interface  (1)

The same areas can feature a variety of icons, all of them placed in the reach of your two thumbs. After all, we are using those thumbs a lot when inputing stuff on our devices and even writing. This new paradigm should work particularly well on bigger screens and less so on devices with a diagonal of less than 5.5 inches. I guess the middle of the screen is reserved for content consumption…

What do you make of this idea? Somehow I feel it’s better suited for tablets, rather than phones.

2 thumbs concept smartphone interface  (3)

2 thumbs concept smartphone interface  (4)

2 thumbs concept smartphone interface  (5)

[Thanks Sascha]

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