Acer Phone Concept Looks Beautiful, Created by Dan Hsu

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Straight from Taiwan comes Dan Hsus’s Acer concept phone, a model with two chins: one in the upper part and one in the lower part. This is an Android 4.0 smartphone, that uses the lower chin to show normal stuff on the screen, like icons and apps and the superior one to show the time.

The device is very thin, maybe 7mm in thickness and it has a discretely integrated camera at the back. I can’t seem to spot the LED flash, but I’m sure it’s there. This Acer concept is pictured in white, pink and blue. To me this looks like a 4.3 inch smartphone, that I suppose has the Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU inside and a 720p resolution (my speculations). There’s also a lower end device, with a 5 megapixel camera, shown as the last picture below. This is also an Android model, with 4 capacitive buttons and a smaller screen, maybe 4 inches.

The interface seems customized, actually so much that I’m starting to doubt it’s even Android. The case of the lower end handset looks very cool, with those bright blue stripes at the back and front. While the high end Acer concept phone reminds me of the Fujitsu phones I’ve seen at MWC 2012, the lower end one makes me think of Alcatel for some reason. What do you think?

[via Coroflot]