Affectionate Handset Kisses You, Touches Your Face, Blows Wind on Your Cheek (Video)

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Although this concept may sound creepy to us, it’s serious business, since the design of the “smooching phone” was shown at the TED event in Berlin. Design researcher Fabian Hemmert did the presentation, that you can see below, in order to be creeped out for yourselves.

There are 3 prototypes we’re looking into, with the first of them replicating human touch, with the aid of a small motor attached to a cord. It’ll apply pressure on the back of your hand, while another handset model will mimic moisture through a wet sponge that will push against your lips and let the phone give you a kiss.

Finally, things get even more weird when a handset puffs in your ear, hair of face, as if the loved one was sighing next to you. To us these sound like strange machines, but who knows what the future holds? Now, let the sexual connotations of these devices pour in the comments section! I know you were thinking about them!


[via Dvice]