AFGT Gaming Device Mimics the Environment of the Virtual Universe You Play In

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Gaming has evolved in the past 9 years, perhaps more than in the many years since Pong and Mario surfaced. Now we’ve got fans and special scents to mimic the smell of grass and burnt tires, plus vibration feedback gaming chairs, wireless joystick with vibrations as well, plus virtual reality goggles…

What more do we need? A way to “feel” the terrain we’re moving our troops on…


AFGT is such a device, created by Yee Von, basically a gaming device with tactile feedback and used to enhance the gaming experience. This accessory is made out of touch sensitive silicon and it mimics the terrain of the virtual universe in your gaming title.

It incorporates silicon air pockets, that are placed underneath, each with an air pressure actuator, that’ll generate a surface similar to the map in the game. I can see this as being the perfect gaming device for blind users, specially in RTS titles.



[via Yanko Design]